european travel tips

in France pants
are optional
they aren’t

Norway means
“not that way”
which you
will hear
a lot if
you are

don’t confuse
Belgian with
in regards
to chocolate

if you are stuck
in an airport
in Germany
do not under
any circumstances
talk about
Fight Club
I mean seriously
do you
have a
death wish?

in Iceland
it’s considered
to remove
your hat
before your
host but
only during
Yule &
if the log
isn’t lit

never rub a cat
the wrong way
in Italy; it caused
wars in
the 1500s
that Florentines
still argue about

there’s a secret
to travelling
in Spain: don’t–
instead wander
aimlessly about
& eventually
someone will
ask if you
would like
something to
eat; say yes

finally, do not
under any
dance with the
spouse of a
Irish mayor
under a full
moon in
just trust me
on this one


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