help wanted federated platform seeks jaded refugees from corporate overlord fiats; must be willing to learn & adapt new social customs re: inclusive practices & posting norms–brand builders, concern performers, & band- wagon hoppers need not apply; interested parties inquire by toot & nail […]


scatology sometimes in the mid- dle of a good beer shit there’s a moment of perfect clarity & then the blood rush blooms into light & dis- sonance & damn if the slate isn’t wiped cleaner than my ass


hi-ho silver away hey if you got a few bucks to spare instead of another latte or avocado toast or down payment on a new up-do maybe treat yourself to riding lessons since you got a nice high horse there buckaroo


self-flagellation I tell myself don’t over- think it just go with the flow & don’t dissect every damn thing but the mind is a torturous thing & it’s like that meme you know the one that you chuckle at because you relate especially at […]


backhanded someone once told me that my poems felt like the bastard love children of Chuck Bukowski & Rod McKuen raised by Weldon Kees & Leonard Nimoy & that pissed me off because this is the first time I’ve ever used “sloopy” in a […]


fishing advice the trick to fishing midwest finesse is to tug the ned rig gently on every crank of the reel & tempt the bass with a nedlock jig & junebug zinker or green pumpkin goby grub with a light lift & drop of […]