my father once said the way to a woman’s heart is through the sternum but don’t get distracted on the way & I still don’t know what he meant but I’ve had a hell of a time trying to find out by trial & […]


the otters come, the otters go they dream of Michelangelo & rub their nubs on windowpanes while lingering ’round sewer drains & horny, make the final leap, curl nether to head, but not to sleep


the zoo poems 1. the monkey in the petting zoo is more depressed than me or you; that’s why he screams & throws his poo— don’t we all wish we could, too?   2. the otters in their enclosed pen fuck once, then twice, […]


forgive me the autumn soup you made was *chef’s kiss* I ate the entire pot in one go with a baguette I’ll be on the couch napping if you need me damn that soup was so good so much better than panera