So Says Old John In revelation days to come, when plague & sulfur flow, steeds of war & death & pestilence shall trod ‘cross rock-strewn roads— the last pale horse will leisurely bear its death-head load & all four riders know the end is […]


Logged into my Vivaldi blog space for the first time in a few months to find that Vivaldi turned on the ActivityPub plugin on their hosted WordPress blogs. This is my first test post to see if a post makes its way to the […]


another year notched & reckoned & still the world is broken in too many ways for spotify to entabulate but at least we heard some bangers while scrolling reddit for clips of riots, wars, floods, & famines from afar


look you got to get out of the way of progress or else you just are gonna be shaking fists at molehills & you don’t want to piss off the moles now do you because those starry-nosed sumbitches will chew your ass right up


there’s not much you can do to appease the gods except maybe a good blood sacrifice or two so be sure to stub your toe really good every week or trip over your own feet & fall flat on your ass or face & […]