I was young& confusedlust & love& now 30years laterhere we arefour kidsa mortgagetwo old carsschleppedin the garagea dead cat& damnif it doesn’tfeel like homebut christcould I usea cigarette


I walked acrossthe mud-soaked field like a train soundwas underneath me wildflowers bent& turned in circles the sun turnedblack smoke rising & then there was Anne& her chainsaw & strewn bluebonnets& she said sure beats a scythe& yes it does but isn’t thatTexas for […]


💋💖🔥🍆 Great news!You may qualify toCheck your account—Oh yeah! We’re sorry we didn’t touch base withNon-Hodgkin’s lymphoma andWe’re sorry we didn’t touch base withYour $25,0000 settlement check. I unlocked my privateBackground-check on you.You have been paid!Check your account! Your $25,0000 settlement checkCaught his wife […]


thinned from yearsof smoke & drink& now the strokemy father died inhospital shittingthe bed but nothis bed & isn’tthat just like himmarking territoryuntil the end


my motherdied beforeshe saw thisday a sixty-sixth time,the cancerseeping intoher bonesshe thoughtonly back-aches &her cellseating awayher cellstoo much,too every-where todo morethan acceptthe inevitable& hospice& thenmy sisterwatched herthin &two weekslater whenmy motherleft shewent quietin the night,no rageagainst thedying light,one momentthere & thenext roundgone, nursesplying midnightfloors […]


they came down the streetto the wailing child & theflashing lights, the hospitalshrugging the curb, a pileof steel & cinders & dust& the sky a ragged woundbeneath the screamingjets & the mothers roundwith agony & meanwhilethe madman in his bunkershoves tin soldiers acrossthe table […]