half of what isowed is less thanfreedom’s promise:the debt long over-due, the agency’smen at the door& they are hereto stay; get usedto it—we draggedthem here byour own undoing& now it is timeto pay what wehave avoided,squirmed out of,broken promisesof check in the mail& fair […]


rain again &all night thefrog chorusisn’t surewhether tosing mezzopiano ormezzo forte& settles onfortissimoso I hopethe heronhas a goodbreakfast


lawns buzz with suburbanites & theircrisscross plots mixedwith soiled sob stories,the world a reality showrun by ink-mad producershell-bent on canned applause& percentage points & meanwhilenext door Kenny admires a beer canfrom the deck of a Cub Cadetfinally enjoying the privilegedlife of a bastard with […]


microwave eggsdon’t taste likepowdered eggswhich is goodI guess becausewhy would youwant to eathot powder?


hello again it’s methat head cold youthought had longsince said goodbyenever to make its wayback to this partof the country againbut surprise! here I amat the doorstep of yournasal cavity begging fora place to crash for a fewdays—mind if I crash onthe couch & […]


the dronedroppedits payloadhigh abovethe Afghandesert, analgorithmcalculating wholives or diesbeneaththe all-seeingeyes ofsatellitesswapping badjokes in binary,a reddit postgone wilddisruptingthe workof ourrobotoverlords:see whatterror setsin motion,a goldbergmachine ofplanes &towers &fear & anger& platoons& isn’t thatthe way it goesuntil someonefinally says enough& funny howit’s neverwho you expect& of courseall […]


it’s thursdaywhich ofcourse meanswe made itthrough thefirst partof anothershitty weekso only twomore daysto go untilwe get todo it againbut this timewith feeling