my tumblr is a waste- land of unposts so go ahead & unfollow it because the goal is to dis- appear into electrons until pixels double over with the weight of nothing & collapse under the theory of mansplained whitespace


all it takes is a bottle of bourbon & every drunk is a damned good poet at least until the bottle is dry & the tab is due & then we’re just a bunch of fucking hungover whiners so if you want inspiration go […]


go ahead & waste another sheet of paper no one is looking so you might as well scribble what you need to scribble just get it down & out & on the page & just look at it there alive on the page dying […]


Q: when is the way not the way A: a path untrod Q: is a hand unopened a hand A: unfold & see Q: what price silence A: ear. tongue, split hair Q: how to heal a brokenness A: all is as meant to […]


dear robert carpenter we appreciate your letter & especially the fact you took time to write about the paucity of cats on lunar mission nine however we are a household products company with no say in what nasa is up to but our pet […]