the black dog settles on my chest;my heart thrums a gallows beatthrough open windowed dark—stars look away with each breathtrees exhale in moon-rushed exultation(if there is sleep, let sleep come;if there is dream, let dream overwash;if there is silence, let silence breakagainst the wall […]


dancing but fallingfluid muscle memoryacross time & spacemoving but failingflailing we glidethrough each daya hundred thousandmisdirections ofleft feet firmin unbelief stridingsomewhere self-assured but wonderingthe worth of movementaround a sun steadilydimming despite ourhallelujahs & hosannahs


months long sunbreaks & slidesacross sky pan& the fog &funk rise togreet us inbeds split bysweat-slick sheets& look there’s not much tosay except sorryabout the garagedoor & heydid you everbuy any plums?


babble babble babblebabble babble;babble babble babblebabble babble babble bab-ble babble babble babblebabble babble babble babblebabble . . . babble babblebabble babble


swamp summer hip-highin minnow mud &frog scum, skyan open tearcrowded by shrub-top& tree-crown & conventthoughts caught on tonguein birdsong & chirrup& things left unsaidin untwinings & whatdid you expect?


blessed bethe meekfor theyare quietas chuchmice nibblingblessed bethe poorfor in povertythey knowwant & kneadtheir dailybreadblessed bethe dyingfor theyare nearerto peaceblessed bethe thirstyfor theirdesire isnever quenchedblessed bethe youngfor theyare sparedfrom knowingblessed beyou whowonder foryour aweshall keepyou free