go ahead & waste
another sheet of
paper no one is
looking so you
might as well
scribble what you
need to scribble
just get it down
& out & on the
page & just look
at it there alive
on the page
dying in the light
but writhing with
this new found
freedom & if you
turn over the
page it stills
to silence like
a bird in a draped
cage but flip it
over again &
it starts mewing
& mewling & how
can you ignore it
so read it again
before you stick
it in a drawer
to smother in
slow decay until
you discover it
covered in loose
change & rubber
bands & dead
batteries &
whatever else you
want to forget
& give it a whisp
of breath before
realizing those
bastards were right
about distance
& time & rage


dear robert carpenter
we appreciate your
letter & especially
the fact you took
time to write about
the paucity of cats
on lunar mission nine
however we are a
household products
company with no say
in what nasa is up to
but our pet food division
will reach out soon
about an exciting
marketing opportunity
& also please find
enclosed several specially
selected coupons
sincerely bigfarmco