thinned from yearsof smoke & drink& now the strokemy father died inhospital shittingthe bed but nothis bed & isn’tthat just like himmarking territoryuntil the end


my motherdied beforeshe saw thisday a sixty-sixth time,the cancerseeping intoher bonesshe thoughtonly back-aches &her cellseating awayher cellstoo much,too every-where todo morethan acceptthe inevitable& hospice& thenmy sisterwatched herthin &two weekslater whenmy motherleft shewent quietin the night,no rageagainst thedying light,one momentthere & thenext roundgone, nursesplying midnightfloors […]


they came down the streetto the wailing child & theflashing lights, the hospitalshrugging the curb, a pileof steel & cinders & dust& the sky a ragged woundbeneath the screamingjets & the mothers roundwith agony & meanwhilethe madman in his bunkershoves tin soldiers acrossthe table […]


I have takenthe road lesstraveled & I’vegot to tell youit’s the exactsame damn roadas the busy oneexcept with fewerassholes behind thewheel & more billboards& rest stops so makesure to bring plentyof cash for snacks


the black dog settles on my chest;my heart thrums a gallows beatthrough open windowed dark—stars look away with each breathtrees exhale in moon-rushed exultation(if there is sleep, let sleep come;if there is dream, let dream overwash;if there is silence, let silence breakagainst the wall […]


dancing but fallingfluid muscle memoryacross time & spacemoving but failingflailing we glidethrough each daya hundred thousandmisdirections ofleft feet firmin unbelief stridingsomewhere self-assured but wonderingthe worth of movementaround a sun steadilydimming despite ourhallelujahs & hosannahs