swamp summer hip-highin minnow mud &frog scum, skyan open tearcrowded by shrub-top& tree-crown & conventthoughts caught on tonguein birdsong & chirrup& things left unsaidin untwinings & whatdid you expect?


blessed bethe meekfor theyare quietas chuchmice nibblingblessed bethe poorfor in povertythey knowwant & kneadtheir dailybreadblessed bethe dyingfor theyare nearerto peaceblessed bethe thirstyfor theirdesire isnever quenchedblessed bethe youngfor theyare sparedfrom knowingblessed beyou whowonder foryour aweshall keepyou free


half of what isowed is less thanfreedom’s promise:the debt long over-due, the agency’smen at the door& they are hereto stay; get usedto it—we draggedthem here byour own undoing& now it is timeto pay what wehave avoided,squirmed out of,broken promisesof check in the mail& fair […]


lawns buzz with suburbanites & theircrisscross plots mixedwith soiled sob stories,the world a reality showrun by ink-mad producershell-bent on canned applause& percentage points & meanwhilenext door Kenny admires a beer canfrom the deck of a Cub Cadetfinally enjoying the privilegedlife of a bastard with […]