hello again it’s methat head cold youthought had longsince said goodbyenever to make its wayback to this partof the country againbut surprise! here I amat the doorstep of yournasal cavity begging fora place to crash for a fewdays—mind if I crash onthe couch & […]


the dronedroppedits payloadhigh abovethe Afghandesert, analgorithmcalculating wholives or diesbeneaththe all-seeingeyes ofsatellitesswapping badjokes in binary,a reddit postgone wilddisruptingthe workof ourrobotoverlords:see whatterror setsin motion,a goldbergmachine ofplanes &towers &fear & anger& platoons& isn’t thatthe way it goesuntil someonefinally says enough& funny howit’s neverwho you expect& of courseall […]


it’s thursdaywhich ofcourse meanswe made itthrough thefirst partof anothershitty weekso only twomore daysto go untilwe get todo it againbut this timewith feeling


lemon is notthe cure foreverythingfrom waxbuild-up tosore throatsto sink de-greaser butdamn if itdoesn’t makesugar watertaste damn good


the sky this evening was something else a rutabaga perhaps or an elephant trumpeting joy in pink swaths or candy floss sticky sweet & empty yet satisfying as all midwestern things can be


the summer stormswept in from the southwith winds whippingtrees to fury;a duck’s hiss of hailpummeling us to safety what unexpected luckto find the greyed lean-toin the middle of the woodyour hair a mess of wetstuck to your forehead,your t-shirt clinginglike the old flameI would […]