go ahead & waste another sheet of paper no one is looking so you might as well scribble what you need to scribble just get it down & out & on the page & just look at it there alive on the page dying […]


Q: when is the way not the way A: a path untrod Q: is a hand unopened a hand A: unfold & see Q: what price silence A: ear. tongue, split hair Q: how to heal a brokenness A: all is as meant to […]


dear robert carpenter we appreciate your letter & especially the fact you took time to write about the paucity of cats on lunar mission nine however we are a household products company with no say in what nasa is up to but our pet […]


’twas twilight on the inner rim & in orbit husks did glow, those rusting hulks aflame again that died so long ago when Major Thorne set out to seal the locks against the Kl’o but failed to ram the hammer home & bargained this […]


there are no heroes in outer space just dead spacers & survivors of void wars who tell tales best left untold m’boy unless you’re buying a round of hurakkan wine in which case grab a seat


my brother ate spaghetti right out of the can, shoveled cold noodles & fat-laced meatballs into his maw, red sauce flinging down the aisles, the grocer stomping & yelling & my mother shrugging as if to say what do you expect when you stock […]