the squirrelsor maybe chipmunksbecause squirrelsget blamed foreverything solet’s not jumpto conclusionsbut anywaysomething dugup the tulip bulbs& gnawed themto bits so sorryabout that


sleep arriveson a metro busbelching passengerson to sidewalksfilled with streetvendors hawkingdiet advice & cheapseen-on-TV products& maybe that’s whyI woke up in thenight to pee onthe corner fern;forgive me, I wasdistracted by theshiny Rolexes


so damn hotfor early Juneso let’s getaway fromconcrete &steel becausethere’s only somuch humanityI can standin summer& the trains &trams & busesare filled withthe great unwashed& that is not to shameanyone but onlyto say workshould not ruleour lives but besubservient toour mental spacewhich is probablytoo […]


saturday & whateveris planned goes undonebecause hey it’s notlike it isn’t saturdayso just piss right offuntil the middleof next week whenwe look forwardto another & thenshit will get donein anticipationof another day off