the otters come, the otters go they dream of Michelangelo & rub their nubs on windowpanes while lingering ’round sewer drains & horny, make the final leap, curl nether to head, but not to sleep


the zoo poems 1. the monkey in the petting zoo is more depressed than me or you; that’s why he screams & throws his poo— don’t we all wish we could, too?   2. the otters in their enclosed pen fuck once, then twice, […]


forgive me the autumn soup you made was *chef’s kiss* I ate the entire pot in one go with a baguette I’ll be on the couch napping if you need me damn that soup was so good so much better than panera


forgive me the dirt the ink beneath so many pages laced in lead I owe pulp mills an inheritance of words left & yet strands, strings stretch across alleys rain-wet & trodden by feet soot-shod in cacklejack bookfires


clout is like your belly button: you are either in or you are out but no one gives a damn except during sex & even then it’s a nice accessory to have to prove you’re human so don’t make a fuss unless you want […]